Hollywood & Madison Avenue Embrace The Allure of the Mature Woman

72-year-old Valerie Ramsey began her modeling career at 62.

This is the first, of what will be many of my observations, opinions, pet peeves, and perceptions of interesting topics to women who have been honored with the title “grandmom”. 

We are women of a certain age, true, but that should not keep us from exploring our potentials and options.  We have so much to offer: our wisdom (because we should be smarter and wiser by now), our energy (because we should be keeping ourselves fit); our inquisitiveness (because we should never let down our enthusiasm for anything new); and most importantly our sense of humor (we have earned the right to laugh at our idiosyncrasies).  These fundamentals stimulate and invigorate us and make us important in today’s society. 

So let’s explore a subject that is near and dear to our hearts. Our beauty.  Have you looked in the mirror with your glasses on and under the full glare of lights?  It may not be what you hoped to see… now don’t panic and morph into Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” . It’s you!  And you are lovely… a little more mature, but lovely nonetheless.

Truthfully speaking, do you want your skin pulled, or injected?  What’s wrong with looking your age? Nothing, I say! Take a good look at bold faced names such as Judi Dench or Maggie Smith who star in the new movie, “ The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”   They are beautiful!!! They haven’t masked their appearance…their wrinkles are there for the whole world to see.

Even cosmetic companies and model agencies have recognized that women in their 50’s to mid 90’s are beautiful in their respective ages.  Mac Cosmetics  is featuring Iris Apfel a 92-year-old woman, wrinkles and all, as their face for a fire engine-red lipstick.  While Valerie Ramsey, a 72-year-old model, has consistently been featured in international fashion magazines and advertisements. 

So ladies, if Hollywood and Madison Avenue embrace our looks why would we ever think of marching into Dr. Nip N. Tuck’s office?


5 thoughts on “Hollywood & Madison Avenue Embrace The Allure of the Mature Woman

  1. I’ll be 62 in July.
    My shape is still in not-bad-shape . . however, muscle-tone and skin-losing-altitude are a constant reminder that I’m not, whatever age, anymore.
    And what to wear ? Thought about a wet-suit, knee-length’ish type of swimsuit (Victoria’s Secret doesn’t make anything remotely like that . . I’ve looked) . . will miss my bikinis . . retired them years ago. I Realize I’m part of a minority; those that never gave birth, and didn’t tun into a beached whale . . and I know I’m not the only one. We still have some “Age Appropriate” issues with swimwear too. In No
    rth America, there’s little sadder than an ‘older woman’ still dressing and making-up like she did in her Prime.
    Maybe we should all move to RIO . . or somewhere that doesn’t view Aging as a disease.
    Specifically . . Aging Women.
    I’m just sayin’

    • Hi Katherine–
      Thank you for reading and responding to my Tell-A-Gram blog. Yes, we are all adding a candle to that cake each year but I think it’s wonderful that we don’t let numbers stand in the way of our active lifestyles. So what if we don’t have the shape we had when we were teens. We can be as active as we want; or we can sit back and enjoy new or old interests. As for age-appropriate styles please see my new post on swimwear.

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