Friendship…It’s A Perfect Blendship

The Cole Porter song and Judy Garland lyrics came to mind the other day and the melody along with the words just would not stop repeating in my head.  It was terribly annoying but then after several irritating reprises I realized  the words were really spot-on.  It’s so true…there’s nothing like having a good friend to make you feel cared about and appreciated. 

I have special friends going back to high school.  We have been together through dating years, marriage, children and now grand children.  My high-school friends have known me for decades ( goodness this makes me sound like Methuselah).  Even though one of them has moved out of the immediate area we are still very close.  We are always in touch, well, as much as our busy lives allow us to be.  The four of us have a strong bond; we are kindred spirits; our innate antennae feel our mutual joys, sorrows and achievements.  Two of us are only- children; the other two have brothers. In my mind I f eel like they are my sisters without having to experience the pains of sibling rivalry. 

Though my high school chums are front and center I have cultivated others through the years.  There are those I met through marriage who continue to be close, dear and very important.  Working for as long as I have, created other close relationships, and even now, after I’ve stepped away from my business, they are still very much part of my life.  And then there are those that have come into my life by chance.  By whatever means I’ve collected these friends, I am very happy to have them in my life.  Each present different qualities and traits.  Though some may have moved hundred of miles away  all we have to do is pick up the phone and it seems like we aren’t separated by long distance.

I make an effort to keep in touch with friends I feel a mutual connection.   With all the social networking available it would be easier to email, text or reach out through Facebook, but mostly I choose to pick up the phone and hear my friends’ voices.  What’s even better, is to see those that live nearby face to face.  Lunch, theater, book club, gym, any way I can. I try to get together with them.

What makes friendships so special is the give and take of advice; the respect for  each others opinions; the unconditional help even before it’s asked for; the concern for each other’s welfare.  I can’t imagine my life without my friends.

I feel Cole Porter and Judy Garland said it best. “It’s friendship, friendship just a perfect blendship. When other friendships have been forgot; ours will still be hot.”



One of the most gratifying and enjoyable past-times for me is when I’m with my grandchildren.  I have four. They are currently, 3 months old, 2 years old, 4 years old, and almost 6 years old and I marvel at their energy and pureness of heart.  Well, the 3 months’ old energy is still contained (she eats, she sleeps and she …well, you know). In addition to being the most adorable little people on the planet, they are also incredibly smart, but then doesn’t every grandmother think the same? 

I love being with them.  They make me laugh, they make me feel loved, and after a few days of having them to myself, I realize why we have kids when we are young. 

What I want to know is where does all this boundless energy come from?  None of my grand kids sit still for a moment. Their attention span is limited to 5 minutes or less.  They talk at the same time; interrupt each other constantly; and demand individual attention, even if I’m occupied with the other.  Trying to listen to one over the other could challenge a sophisticated descrambling device.

When I have them all to myself, they are on their best behavior.  They will do all my bidding and agree to whatever I suggest.  When I take them to a restaurant they act like little ladies and gentlemen.  They go to sleep without a whimper.  So who are these angels I’ve been watching when the parents show up?  They’re not the ones that were just with me.  Seems what happens at grandma’s house, stays in grandma’s house. I have to say there are no complaints about this here!

My grandkids say the funniest things.  What makes it doubly meaningful is they speak the truth.  They don’t know any better.  You know they won’t hold back even when it cuts to the heart. My 4-year old recently asked me how old I was.  After I told him, without subtracting any years from my age, he asked me if I’m going to die soon because he can’t count that high. My six year old is a little more tactful but nonetheless has her own zingers. The 2 year old will definitely be a charmer.  He just started to speak,  however his mischievous smile tells me I can expect some whacky words of wisdom from him too.  

“Grandma I love you,” are four little words that melt me to the core.  They come at the most surprising moments in time.  I could be busy making dinner; or they could be engrossed in one of their favorite television shows; or they could be splashing around in their baths; and out come these awesome words.  For me, there could be no better moment in time!

Whoever put “grand” into grandchildren had it right.