New Year Resolutions…….

……. are meant to be broken but it doesn’t hurt to keep them going as long as possible.

Weight loss is the number one resolution which to tell the truth is dead in the water right after Valentine’s Day.  If someone is lucky enough to get a box of Godiva or Neuchatel chocolates for that holiday occasion, what are the chances the box won’t be empty within a week, maybe less?   I hear chocolates have been heralded by nutritionists as good for your health. Especially the dark variety.  So it stands to reason chocolates not only sooth a sweet tooth they are a healthy food so dive into the box.  But everything in moderation ….that is if you have good self control!

Next resolution on the list is staying on budget.  To tell the truth that is a hard one to keep especially with all the wonderful after-Christmas-sales taking place at every store.   Electronics, fashion accessories, apparel, furniture, automobiles, the list is endless and so are the discounts.  I have tried to figure out how retailers can make a profit when initially a sweater on special promotion was 25% off and that same sweater after Christmas gets another 75% off to the original 25%?  Doesn’t that make the sweater free?  I’m no mathematician but even I can add this up in my head and come up with 100% off the original price. Shopping will be hard to resist at these prices!

My favorite is getting in touch with friends I haven’t heard from in a long time.  If you haven’t noticed, this decade has buried the telephone RIP.  Everyone communicates via email, facebook, twitter, instagram,  texting.  I don’t know ….call me old fashioned but I want to have a conversation with a voice.  There’s nothing like hearing a familiar voice on the other end especially when catching up with news about friends and family.  I would rather pick up the phone than let my fingers do the walking across a key board.  Gives the fingers exercise but how unsocial!

Speaking of exercise, for all the procrastinators who have vowed they will join a gym or work out with a trainer, this one should be a no brainer for a New Year’s resolution.  Newspapers, magazines, and on-line editorials all acknowledge that any exercise no matter how low key leads to better health.  So reason dictates that we should take time out to walk, run, lift weights, jump rope, bike, ski, hike…. not at the same time but you get the idea. Remember, summer is not that far off and the beach will be beckoning soon enough.

All bets are off that any resolutions made in the New Year will be honored past the first month.  So enjoy the chocolates, go out on that buying spree, get those fingers nimble enough to send out messages, and did you know bike handles are great hangers for clothes?

Happy 2014!



At my age almost everywhere!  I wake up stiff in the morning especially if I haven’t exercised for a few days.  And sometimes during the day I feel my back and shoulders aching from stress or tension.  I also noticed if I’ve sat too long in front of the computer that my muscles tense all adding up to a big pain in the neck. Today was one of those days.

From personal experience I can say that my exercise regimen has helped immeasurably. I go to the gym at least three times a week for one hour.  It is imperative I take classes because if I would rely on going through a routine on my own I would be done in a millisecond. I need a coach. Someone to prod and push me.  Someone who won’t sympathize when I groan or let me slack off in any way. I need a taskmaster.

Of course I could work out one-on-one with a trainer.  I have done that but I really prefer a work-out in class.  In a class I have other people working out with me. In a class, I have company and they are all suffering with me.  It’s true, misery does love company.

So, I take an exercise class. The key is to make sure the class has a good instructor.  That is vital!  Preferably one with an eagle eye, who calls out the person’s name  (that’s so embarrassing!) if he or she is not working to their potential. I’ve got two of those. There’s Fabi and like his name, he is fabulous!  His classes are energetic, fun and stimulating. Fabi not only works out the body, he works out the mind as his routines put to memory so many different steps that to recall them  invigorates the brain muscle as well. Then there’s Zimach, who I truly believe is inflicting his Israeli military training on us. His class is only 45 minutes long because if the class were to take another 15 minutes we would have to be carried out of the room.  Both don’t let up on anyone in class. Both provide exceptional benefits. Both work body and soul.

My physician is thrilled I am exercising.  Because I am exercising he has taken me off some of my medications.  I don’t mind getting on his scale either.  Not only have I lost weight, I’ve trimmed my shape.  As for the morning pain, well, I still get up with some aches but when I skip a class or two, my body rebels, urging me to run (not walk) to the gym. And then, all is better.