What Happened to Hand Writing?

It’s gone the way of hieroglyphics! 

I remember having lovely penmanship.  It had style and flair and it was mine, all mine!  I was always complimented on my handwriting.  When I mailed my cards or letters people would recognize my script and know the note was coming from me.   

Fast forward … I can’t even read my handwriting today.  Holding a pen or pencil is foreign to me.  My fingers don’t wrap around the instruments as comfortably and so my writing slants upwards, downwards, the letters have no flow and I am aghast at how sloppy and illegible my writing has become.  Kind of looks like the scrawl you have to retype when you are ordering something on-line. 

Even the last bastion in writing… making out checks,  is no longer necessary as most bills are paid on-line. 

 And what happened to courtesy?   Emily Post (if you don’t know who that is, you are too young to read this blog) would be stunned to learn that sending a hand written “thank you” note for a gift or a hosted dinner party is no longer of importance.    Well, some might send an email thank you.  But how detached is that?  Taking the time to hand write a personal note on stationary is so much more giving, warm and special.

I blame it all on instant messaging; the computer and hand-held cellphone.  Now you can walk down a street, ride a bus or train, or be at a dinner table (I find that exceptionally rude) and text a message.  It amazes me how quickly those thumbs work that tiny cellphone keyboard.  OMG and then, when you get a text message you have to understand the new vocabulary because what is keyed-in is usually abbreviated.

I have to stop writing this blog now.  I am going to start practicing my penmanship, get my handwriting skills back and write a few letters.