Behind the Scenes at a “Fashion Week” Show

Fashion Week made its notable appearance again at Lincoln Center this time highlighting the Spring 2014 season.

Characters in dubious mode of dress peppered the outside area calling attention to some really weird dressing.  These “you-have-to-notice-me-because-I’m-so- bizarre” eccentrics are making a statement though for the life of me, I haven’t figured out what it is.  These strange people are there every season.  For me they have become the side-show to the main event.… the fashion shows. Nonetheless the media descends on them like moths to a flame.

Real fashion was inside the Fashion Week building.  Stages were built to showcase designers’ newest collections on runways that stretched out long enough to support a Piper Turboprop landing.

This time I was asked to work the behind the scenes activities of one of the shows which was to shepherd media to meet and interview one of the more talented designers at Fashion Week named Carmen Marc Valvo.

When I arrived at the back stage entrance I was directed to the dressing room where models were being prepared for the show.  It was a frenzied atmosphere but surprisingly in a controlled way.  Wigs were being styled, makeup was being applied, and toenails were polished. Little did these pampered feet know they would slip into some pretty altitude raising stilettos?

Carmen Marc Valvo Spring 2914 Shoe Collection

Carmen Marc Valvo Spring 2014 Shoe Collection

Strangely, stilettos are still very much in fashion though it still boggles my mind how these shoes could be wearable.  I might add spike heels were seen on the runway and on visitors (both genders I might add) to Fashion Week.  Some navigated the elevations much better than others.

The backroom was abuzz with simultaneous interviews. Media was everywhere.  Cameras followed the art of make-up application, the manner in which hair stylists’ brushed and combed hair. Reporters interviewed models while their faces were being made up. Everything was news worthy.  It was a hive of anticipation, a prologue to the actual show.

Backroom Buzz

Backroom Buzz

Prior to the show, television, newspaper and on-line reporters and camera crews had committed to appointments with Carmen.  My job? To make sure those that made the requests beforehand had a certain amount of private time with him.  Of course there was media that just showed up in the hopes they would be able to speak with him.    As I handled media in my previous business life, I was aware the more media exposure the better.  When there was a hiccup in between scheduled interviews I squeezed in any press that was willing to do a quick one-on-one.

Soon the backroom was cleared as the show was about to begin.  I left to take my seat in the auditorium where the show would take place.  Carmen’s collection was beautiful and quite original. The dresses and gowns had a monochromatic Mondrian inspired look.  Squares and rectangles covered long gowns and short dresses that paraded down the runway.  This collection was what fashion is all about.  This collection featured beautiful, wearable and original creations that are red carpet worthy and lovely attire for any black tie event.

Mondrian inspired gowns.

Mondrian inspired gowns.

I must admit it was good to once again be involved in the spirit of the behind the scenes fashion show.  But once it was over….I was just as happy it wasn’t my day job anymore.